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Our Services

Pre-Purchase Inspections
Get a house inspected before buying it and avoid horrible surprises

Handover Inspections
Make sure your newly-constructed home is perfect before moving in

Retrospective Approvals
When council approvals are required for existing extensions or additions to your home
Vendor Inspections
Prepare your home for the market and get the best price for your home

Builder Warranty Inspections
Get your builder to fix structural problems before your builder warranty expires
Structural Assessment
Is your home structurally safe and sound? Get this inspection to know the answer.
Owner Builder Warranty
Are you an owner builder who is thinking of selling his home?  Let us provide you with a comprehensive defects report.
Timber Pest Inspection
Keep your home safe from timber pests.  Get this inspection to know if there is a need for concern. Eliminate the problem before it's too late!

Design Services

If you are building a new house, buying a new one or renovating an existing one, let us help you with our design services.