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Building Approval Certificates

Building Approval Certificates

Have you some structures on your property that have not passed inspection as per council rules?


Perhaps you didn't give much thought as to getting the proper permits when you constructed your shed or patio, but now you have heard that city counsel is doing random inspections for buildings done without permits in your area. You could be faced with being made to remove them because of this. What is most important though is if you decide to sell your home then you must provide proof that all the out structures have passed city approval. This could cause you some real problems by delaying a potential sale of your home.

Our Sydney home inspection additional services can address this problem for you now though, so you will be in good shape if the building inspector does show up on your doorstep or if you decide to sell your home. To alleviate the worry that you are experiencing because of these outer areas we will…

Ø  Assess the structures to determine if they comply with the regulations

Ø  Draft drawings

Ø  Issue the proper certifications endorsed by legitimate structural engineers

Ø  Provide all the pertinent documentation

Ø  Meet with counsel when necessary to discuss any areas of concern regarding your buildings and determine what is needed to rectify the issues.

If these are services that you are thinking that you may be in need of, then all you need to do right now is click here to fill out our quick and easy quote for retrospective approval services.

Jean W says…

I was so happy to be finally rid of the worry of the building inspectors finding out that we had unapproved buildings on our property. Sydney home inspection additional services looked after the entire process of getting the right approval in no time at all. Thank you for your great work.